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Service. Experience. Quality.

We pledge customer support and satisfaction. Service is the name of our game. With over 32 years of working in and with the heating industry, BPSR brings an unmatched level of expertise and product quality to your business.


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Heating Elements

Molybdenum Disilicide Heating Elements
Silicon Carbide Heating Elements
High Temperature Ceramic Electric Heaters


Heating Element Ceramic Terminal Sleeves
Ceramic Tubes for Thermal and Scientific Processes
Oxidic and Carbidic Rollers
Fused Silica Rollers
Halsic Ceramics
Assembled & Wear Ceramic Components
Ceramic Electrical Insulators
Ceramic Thermal Insulators
Ceramic Prototyping & Manufacturing Services


SCR Analog Power Controllers
SCR Analog Power Controllers - Phase Angle Fired
SCR Analog Power Controllers - Zero Crossover Fired
SCR Temperature & Power Control Panels
SCR Digital Power Controllers
Dry-Type Transformers
Dry-Type Transformers for General Purpose Applications
Dry-Type Transformers For Furnace Applications
AC Power Centers
Drive Systems and Specialty Drives
AC & DC Drive Systems
Specialty AC & DC Drives
Automation Control Systems
DC Power Centers
DC Power Centers for Automotive and Industrial Electrocoating
DC Power Centers for Mill Duty Applications
DC Power Centers for Continuous Steel Strip Processing
DC Power Centers for Electroplating and Anodizing Applications


Tube Furnaces
Box Furnaces
Custom Furnaces
Recirculating Ovens
Trans Temp Furnaces
Furnace Accessories
Furnace Controls
Used Furnace Equipment


Industrial Thermocouple Sensors
Precious Metal High Temperature Sensors
Thermocouple Hardware Terminations
Thermocouple Protection Tubes
Thermocouple Wire


I Squared R
Spang Power Electronics
National Ceramic Company