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We pledge customer support and satisfaction. Service is the name of our game. With over 32 years of working in and with the heating industry, BPSR brings an unmatched level of expertise and product quality to your business.

AC Power Centers

Spang Power Electronics designs AC power centers to precisely match the characteristics of specific heating elements and process requirements. Power centers are available in both single and multiple zone configurations and can be easily customized and equipped with the level of control, instrumentation and indication needed. Where required, Spang dry-type transformers can be included for load matching either as an integral component or for remote mounting.

An AC power center consists of a SCR power controller or controllers, packaged in an enclosure with or without voltage matching transformers. They are normally equipped with circuit protection such as circuit breakers, metering, and pilot light indication, and take a continuous AC "voltage in" and provide a controlled/variable AC "voltage out."

Spang AC power systems are designed for many diverse global markets and applications including:

Industrial Heating

Spang designs AC power centers for furnaces, ovens and kilns to precisely match the characteristics of the particular heating elements whether they are: silicon carbide, nichrome, molybdenum, tungsten, graphite or infrared.

Glass Melting and Forming

Spang has extensive experience designing power supplies for all electric glass melting and forming applications including melt/boost, forehearth, float bath, fiberglass bushing and lehrs. Spang has supplied all major U.S. glass manufacturers as well as many principal European and Asian producers and has installations in applications around the world.

For more information on AC Power Centers, please contact us or visit Spang Power Electronics' AC Power Centers homepage.