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Service. Experience. Quality.

We pledge customer support and satisfaction. Service is the name of our game. With over 32 years of working in and with the heating industry, BPSR brings an unmatched level of expertise and product quality to your business.

About I Squared R

I Squared R Element Company was founded in 1964 by Jack Davis and Stan Matys. Using their experiences in sales and research, they made a steady, but moderate, growth to become the largest U.S. manufacturer of silicon carbide heating elements.

In 1993 they added the molybdenum disilicide heating element line. I Squared R is the only U.S. manufacturer of high-quality molybdenum disilicide heating elements.

The companys 86,000 square foot manufacturing facility is located in Akron, New York where they employ approximately 80 people.

Worldwide Industries Served

Starbar® and Moly-D® heating elements are frequently used in the following industries:

  • Glass -- holding, refining and experimental glass melting
  • Ceramics -- firing of ferrites, steatites, titanates, tiles, refractories, dinnerware, electrical porcelain, calcining, ores, and powders
  • Metallurgical -- heat treating, forging, annealing, hardening and deoxidizing, brazing, sintering powdered metal parts, and melting
  • Diecasting
  • Laboratory, Research and Development
  • Heating industries with application temperatures over 540C (1000F) and up to 1775°C(3227°F)

I Squared R offers these services:

  • Same day shipments from elements in stock.
  • If manufacturing is necessary, one to ten days depending on size of elements and quantity.
  • Starbar® or Moly-D® element recommendation for new or existing furnaces.

The Starbar® and Moly-D® elements are interchangeable with other manufacturers elements of the same type, size, and resistance values. The Starbar® and Moly-D® elements are competitively priced. I Squared R Element Company guarantees customer satisfaction.

What They Do Best

Fast Delivery --I Squared R is well known for its fast delivery. Most Starbar® orders consist of custom size elements. They range from (3/8" to 3")10 to 75mm in diameter and can have an overall length up to 144"(3658mm) long. The manufacturing schedule is flexible so that custom orders can be shipped one to two weeks after receipt of an order, sometimes even sooner.

The Moly-D® heating elements are manufactured in five diameters. The cold end is usually twice the diameter of the hot zone. The diameters, listed in mm, are MD-3/6, MD-4/9, MD-6/12, MD-9/18 and MD-12/24. Small quantity orders can be manufactured and shipped the same day. Large quantity orders can be shipped in 1 to 2 weeks or sooner in emergencies.

High Quality -- Starbar® and Moly-D® heating elements are manufactured to industry established resistant values and sizes. The Starbar® elements are 100% inspected and 100% calibrated prior to shipping to insure proper physical and electrical characteristics.

Customer Service -- Friendly and professional customer service representatives are always attentive to customers needs. Someone is available to take orders, expedite orders, and answer questions about the product. There is no waiting or voice mail during business hours.

Technical Support -- An Engineer is readily available to help the customer select the best element for his application or discuss furnace problems. A free service is offered for furnace design with heating element recommendations, element spacing, and electrical schematics.