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Assembled & Wear Ceramic Components

NCC provides ceramic components for larger assembly units, as well as, assembly services for small scale products. In the past, they have produced things such as ends for fluorescent lamps and igniter components, all of which required multiple operations at their facility. They did all phases of the production, including formulating the ceramic material, forming the ceramic part, application of coatings as necessary and final assembly. They have done assemblies with both mechanical and adhesive methods. They are capable of providing their customers with a broad range of fabrication and assembly capabilities and they take pride in their quality parts and services.

Wear ceramic components are used in applications susceptible to high rates of abrasion. Common wear parts that are made from ceramics include:

  • Runners
  • Sand Blast Nozzles
  • Wire and Thread Guides

For more information, including detailed technical specifications, on Assembled & Wear Ceramic Components, please contact us or visit National Ceramic's Assembled & Wear Ceramic Component homepage.