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Ceramic Thermal Insulators

Ceramic insulators used in heating applications are designed and built for resistance to high temperatures - up to 2700 °F - and resistance to fast thermal cycling. It is recommended that only Cordierite and Alumina (all grades) be used in high heat applications due to their impressive thermal stability. Ceramic insulators for heating are not glazed, metalized or have any coating applied due to the inferior high temperature performance of the coating.

Mainly used within furnaces and ovens, ceramic insulators make thier way into many other high temperature applications and industries such as:

  • Supports for electric element in furnaces, kilns, ovens and heaters.
  • Electrical feedthroughs in furnaces, kilns, ovens, and heaters.
  • Weight bearing components for loads in high temperature environments.

For more information, including detailed technical specifications, on Ceramic Thermal Insulators, please contact us or visit National Ceramic's Ceramic Thermal Insulators homepage.