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Dry-Type Transformers for General Purpose Applications

Spang Power Electronics designs dry-type transformers in 5 and 15 kV classes to step down power from the distribution voltage to the utilization voltage in commercial or industrial applications. They can be used in practically any indoor application or in any outdoor application with a weather-proof enclosure.

Minimal maintenance

Dry-type transformers require minimum maintenance and provide long years of trouble-free service. Fire proof vaults and toxic gas venting systems are not required. With high impulse strength insulation systems, they will coordinate with all electrical system designs. Conservatively designed, the sound level is very low, making the Spang transformer desirable for indoor applications in commercial buildings.

Significant advantages over liquid filled designs

The dry-type transformer offers an excellent solution wherever environmental problems are a concern. Liquid cooled transformers, whether they are cooled with oil or a fire resistant liquid dielectric, can present an ecological problem in either their use or eventual disposal of the liquid. Dry-type transformer insulation systems now give performance equal to liquid filled designs for distribution voltages of 15KV or even higher. Dry-type transformers require no venting of toxic gases, an important safety consideration.

All transformers are designed to meet ANSI standard C57.12.01. UL listed high voltage transformers carrying the UL label are available when specified. CSA and VDE are available. All transformers are tested using ANSI standard test procedures and limits.

For more information on Dry-Type Transformers for General Purpose Applications, please contact us or visit Spang Power Electronic's Dry-Type Transformers for General Purpose Applications homepage.