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Service. Experience. Quality.

We pledge customer support and satisfaction. Service is the name of our game. With over 32 years of working in and with the heating industry, BPSR brings an unmatched level of expertise and product quality to your business.

About Spang Power Electronics

Spang Power Electronics is a division of Spang, Inc that was founded in 1908 and currently consists of Spang Power Electronics and Magnetics. Together, they employ more than 500 people and have sales in excess of $70 million. Spang uniquely combines its corporate management and financial strengths with the technical and manufacturing expertise of its divisions.

Their focus

Spang Power Electronics focuses on understanding your application and providing you with the right solution. Spang's commitment to the continuous development and application of new technology for power control and conversion equipment keeps their products and customers the best in the world. Intense focus on semiconductors, microprocessor based technology and complementary software provides improved efficiency, process control, product quality and reliability within standard power controllers or complex power systems. All of these things help Spang continue into the future as an innovative and dependable industry leader.

A reputation of the highest quality and reliability in the industry

Spang Power Electronics maintains a reputation for providing products, systems and engineering services of the highest quality and reliability. They design and manufacture a full line of power control equipment including:

  • SCR power controllers
  • Dry-type transformers
  • AC and DC power systems
  • AC and DC drives
  • Drive systems
  • Automation control systems

For 40 years, their products and systems have been specified for critical industrial processes in the glass, polysilicon/solar, coatings, fibers, industrial heating, vitrification, plasma, metals and more. They manufacture their products and systems within an ISO 9001 certified quality system to ensure that their customers' requirements are met on time, every time.