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Service. Experience. Quality.

We pledge customer support and satisfaction. Service is the name of our game. With over 32 years of working in and with the heating industry, BPSR brings an unmatched level of expertise and product quality to your business.

Specialty AC & DC Drives

Spang Power Electronics specialty AC and DC drives are designed for unique OEM applications where "off the shelf" drive products just don't fit.

Spang engineers focus on incorporating state-of-the-art microprocessor-based technology into custom-designed digital drives while offering customer focus and application expertise. This experience includes specialty AC (V/Hz and vector), DC (SCR and chopper), and brushless drives for OEM applications, from fractional to 100 HP, many of which involve:

  • Shock, vibration or special ambient temperatures
  • Special voltages (including battery power sources)
  • Custom software
  • Network communications
  • Custom enclosures

The SPE100 Variable Speed Motor Mounted Drive

Spang's SPE100 is an integrated motor and control product that offers variable speed in a single package. The variable frequency AC controller mounts directly on the AC motor. The operator controls are located on top of the controller. This integrated design eliminates the need for a separately mounted inverter drive. Since Spang ships the variable speed motor package pre-configured, it does not require any special installation procedures. The SPE100 power-matched control and motor provides exceptional performance, high reliability and long service life.

For more information on AC & DC Drive Systems, please contact us or visit Spang Power Electronics' Specialty AC & DC Drives homepage.